Vietnam – Têt (Vietnamese New Year)


This week we celebrated Têt, Vietnamese New Year.

Jeff Orlando made a lovely noodle dish. Homemade fish sauce and lime, with Thai basil and radishes.

Angela Dingee got creative with a Bánh Mi pizza. Total hit. That crust was dreamy.

Yochi made a Sautéed beef and vegetable dish. She wanted to replicate a dish she used to enjoy at a local Vietnamese restaurant. Homemade beef seitan with green beans and sweet onion sauteed in an oyster flavored mushroom sauce.

Ann and Jon made a coconut curry tofu.

This week we got a special visit from the Wagners from Boise. They brought some summer rolls from a local restaurant. Wrapping with rice paper is the worst!

Jeanie made a whisky cocktail, Mekong Whisky Smash. And it was a smash! Super yummy.

Of course we also had some fresh jasmine rice as well.

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