🇵🇷Puerto Rico🇵🇷 Emancipation Day

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was awesome! I am very late on getting this blog post together because I was having some technical issues with my website. When I wait to long to write I lose a good bit of enthusiasm. So little bit of a bummer there, but I shall forge ahead. 

..the plate..

Platanos Maduros Fritos, Arroz con Gandules, Tembleque, Arroz con Dulce, Sorullitos con MayoKetchup, Frijoles con Papas, Yucca con Mojo, Ensalada de Garbanzo. 

..Arroz con Gandules..

Found this vegan recipe from Hip Latina Kitchen.  There were a few errors I found in the recipe that I had to adjust (like 2 cups water for 2 cups rice and dried beans…ummmm). Also their photo was not from their recipe, as it called for brown short grain and it was obviously parboiled white…buuuuut, my version came out very well.  I wasn’t wowed by it personally, but a few people said it was their favorite of the night, so I’ll take it! If you follow their recipe up the water to 4 cups if you’re using canned beans. 

..yucca con mojo..

Must love garlic! Yucca with Garlic Sauce was awesome. I actually made this recipe before for Paraguay but didn’t realize it until the day I was making it. I was looking through some old recipes for a ratio of Sazon I used in their rice recipe when I came across the same exact recipe. I think when I made it for Paraguay I used frozen Cassava. It really doesn’t stand out, but this one I used fresh Yucca and I can’t imagine I’ll forget it. I cooked it a few hours ahead, so visually it took a turn, but it tasted awesome. Another thing that was kinda weird, was my garlic turned BLUE! Honestly it looked like mold. I went to the Google and turns out this is a normal thing that happens with garlic and lemon when copper is involved. I use copper bottom stainless pans, so viola, blue garlic! Although this stuff was legit and delish, I would never make it again bc I can’t pour that much oil on my food and feel good about myself. 


I loved these!!!! Corn fritters Puerto Rican style with a side of MayoKetchup. I could have ate the whole batch of these fried heavanly logs if given the chance. Wendy the cook said that next time she’d use less salt, and stuff them with cheese. Hope she invites me over! 

..Ensalada de Garbanzo..

Funny how a simple salad can be a favorite of the night, but this kinda was mine! I loved this stuff! Danielle made this chickpea salad and it was super fresh, light and tasty. I would serve this again at any gathering. 

..Frijoles y Papas..

Myriam wanted to make a little something different than the traditional beans and rice, so she made it with potatoes instead. It was her first time using dry beans, and she did a great job. No one turned their nose at this casserole. 

..Plantanos Maduros Fritos.. 

Abby didn’t have much time this week, and we HAD TO HAVE PLANTAINS so she made a little pit stop at Pollo Tropical and picked these puppies up. You seriously cannot go wrong with their plantains. Fried to perfection, super soft, and every now and then get a little crisp. Thanks Pollo Tropical! We probably could not have done it any better. 


My dessert goddess Julie make this Puerto Rican Style pudding. So light and perfect. Simple ingredients of coconut, cornstarch, milk and vanilla. Lovely as always. 

..Arroz con Dulce..

I didn’t think this coconut rice pudding mousse was THAAAAAAAT bad, I ate all of mine, but the cook Holly threw this down the trash! Hahaha, not her favorite. 

..plantain brownies..

Holly was going to make plantains but realized she didn’t have enough time so made the mousse from above. She still had the plantains to use up, so whipped up these brownies. I thought they were fudge like and really enjoyed them. 

..the table..

So good!!!! Okay, so it’s Wednesday right now, and I am getting ready for our dinner party TOMORROW! So I’m cutting this one short and barely proofreading. Deal. 😛 

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