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Passover 2017

April 13th 2017

Happy Pesach!!  This Thursday we celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover.  The story of Passover includes my namesake,  Jocheved, or as mine is spelled Yochevet, the mother of Moses, but also the mother of Aaron, which is my sons surname.  Crazy!  Jocheved is the mother who sent Moses off down the river.

The tablecloth used this evening belonged to my “Bubbie”, my great grandmother Betty.  We didn’t do a traditional seder plate, which is unfortunate since my grandmother had a few, but I neglected to snag one up when she moved.  Oh well, a good step in my pairing down on items around the house I guess.  I’m a “collector” so I doubt I’d ever achieve anything close to minimalism, but the idea of it sounds fantastically liberating.

Speaking of liberation…Let’s get to the celebration of the Jews liberation from slavery!

..the plate..

..the table..

Lots of delightful offerings this week.  Going clockwise from the big crockpot we have Matzo Ball Soup, Chopped Liver with Matzo Crackers, Lox Hummus, Potato Kugel with Apple Topping, Gefilte Fish, Pea and Leek Pie, Charoset, and Quinoa Pilaf.  Oh and like 5 bottles of Manischewitz and cocktail “Haggadah Pom Fizz.”  

..matzo ball soup..

This one was made by newcomer Julie, who’s also Jewish.  She made this wonderful vegan matzo ball soup that rocked everyone’s world.  Most of the matzo disappeared in the broth, but we got a nice ball out for the photo. I’ve had that same issue with vegan matzos myself.  Maybe next Jewish holiday we’ll perfect the matzo ball. Perhaps with the Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg?  I am going to get her recipe and share it here as soon as she gives it to me.  I could bathe in that broth!!!  

..gefilte fish..

Yummy little number I got from One Green Planet.  I made this one before a few years ago for a seder I did for my grandmother, and I’d make it again!  Very easy, and very tasty.  Makes a good dip too.  Kelp and dulse flakes gives this fishless ball an authentic flavor.  Only thing it’s missing is the delightful gel that the whitefish usually is packed in. Yummy with a little matzo and horseradish, just like you’d eat your traditional fish.  

..potato and kugel.. 

Wendy made this kugel pie with a baked apple topping.  Another winner from One Green Planet

..leek and pea pie..

Take a guess on who made this masterpiece…Angela “Leeks” Dingee that’s who! My leek queen did it again.  She made this pie from Jewish Traditional Cooking, recipe found here on BuzzFeed.  Angela made this vegan by substituting the eggs with the Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg Substitute.  She cooked it for a good bit longer than called for, because it was turning out a bit “jelly”, but jelly or not this was a favorite!  I just ate the leftovers cold with the fridge door open.  


Had a last minute cancellation and couldn’t bare having a passover dinner without a charoset!  This one is so easy to whip up.  I had all the ingredients on hand.  I diced a huge honeycrisp apple and a small granny smith, added some agave, wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, with a handful of pecans and viola!  A crisp and refreshing side. 

..chopped liver..

I never had chopped liver back when I ate meat, this one sounded like a fun novelty dish to make.  Fairly simple pate made with cashews, onions, and mushrooms.  It was alright.  I wouldn’t make it again.  My three year old loved it, and I kept making him ask for chopped liver, kind of a hilarious thing for a toddler to ask for!  

..lox hummus..

I made this for breakfast this week.  It’s a new one from Meal Mentor, and I had served it over bagels.  Had a little leftover and since it’s fits the bill I added it to the table and served it with matzo crackers. I spiced it up by adding some Everything But the Bagel Seasons from Trader Joe’s. 

..quinoa pilaf..

Danielle made a quinoa pilaf for our passover dinner.  Tons of veg with beautiful heirloom carrots. Not bad, but also not a repeater.  

..haggadah pom fizz..

Jeanie was able to make it this week, and Jeanie brings the drunk!!  Not only did we have jew wine for days, but she mixed up this pomegranate and rum cocktail for us to get silly with.  

..the aftermath..

We got down on some passover yummies this week for sure!!!  Here are some fun photos from the night…

Julie, Angela, Wendy, and Danielle enjoying their passover meal outside on this beautiful night in Orlando!

This is where Mike spilt beer down my back.  Funny succession of photos. Three Jews at my potluck for Passover! ✡️

Wendy and I both looking polkish in our polka dot skirts.  I met Wendy this year through our hairdresser, and she quickly became one of my best friends.  I can’t believe it took us this long to meet.  It did take me til this photo to realize she’s super tall!  

Isn’t a passover tradition to compare foot sizes?  Danielle and I comparing an 8 1/2 to a 9 1/2 narrow. 

No recipes this week.  I may do one for the charoset, since it was so simple, and I hope that I can get Julie’s matzo ‘crack’ soup recipe up as well.

Iceland is next week! Hope to see you then!! 

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