🇲🇳 Mongolia 🇲🇳 Naadam

Mongolia - Naadam

Alright!  Back at it this week with this fantastic plate from Mongolia! 

Naadam is a festival of three games, archery, wrestling, and horseback racing. Literally translated as “games” the people of Mongolia have been enjoying this festival for centuries.  

I assumed Mongolia would be easy to figure out. I assumed the internet would be filled with traditional Mongolian recipes from the ages and we would have a plethora of dishes to choose from…not so much. They are a meat and dairy country that rarely eat vegetables, and they don’t have a trove of blogs about their fine cuisines. When searching for Mongolian food I came up with dozens if not hundreds of Mongolian Beef recipes, funny thing is Mongolian Beef doesn’t even hail from Mongolia!  I found this quote on Quora when I searched “Is Mongolian Beef from Mongolia” and it fits in perfect with my Mongolian search adventure…

“Mongolian Barbecue is one of my favorite things in the entire world. That said, it’s neither Mongolian nor barbecue. It’s Taiwanese stir-fry.

Given that information, the odds on Mongolian beef being Mongolian seems pretty long.

Also, compared to what we think of as Asian cuisine, Mongolian is a rather dull chapter, owing to the relative lack of spices and sauces.”

That being said we figured it out and picked some yummy stuff!!! 

..The Plate..

At the top is Bansh, Mongolian Meat Pocket Dumplings in a Chicken Broth.  Mongolian Beef Ramen. Budaatai Khuurga, Beef Fried Rice.  Mongolian Meatballs. Carrot Salad. Cold Sesame Noodles. 

..Budaatai Khuurga..

I made the beef fried rice. It was pretty tasty.  I took some pieces from a few links that I found and made my own mixture.  I felt the flavors to be a bit mild, probably from their aforementioned lack of spices.  I’ll post the recipe anyway.  

^^my prep^^ 

^^ “eggs” and “beef” ^^ 


Another traditional Mongolian dish was made by Danielle.  She made these meat filled dumplings with Gimme Lean sausage and had them floating in a warm chicken flavored broth.  Her dumplings were perfecto! 

..Mongolian Ramen Noodles..

Ho.Lee.Crap these were gooooood!  Abby knocked it out with this ramen. The broccoli in this was my favorite, so juicy.  This couldn’t be good for you, but woo doggie I’m looking forward to eating the leftovers, hopefully I won’t do it with the fridge door open.  

Abby said she followed the recipe closely from this Delish we found on Pinterest.  She used Gardein for the steak and veggie broth in lieu of chicken. This was perfect for our potluck, but I think if I try making this one on my own, I’d cut down on the oil and maybe use marinated tofu instead of the steak tips. 

..Mongolian Meatballs..

Ann whipped up these salty balls! She used Gardein Meatballs and the sauce from this site.  These were super good!  Would make an awesome appetizer with toothpicks. 

..Cold Sesame Noodles..

Angie made these yummy noodles, although I don’t know too much about them.  She couldn’t make it, but still sent her recipe with Joe.  She’s the best! 

..Carrot Salad..

Jeanie made something!  Odd little carrot and raisin number with a strong vinegar flavor.  I liked it, but I’m not banging down her door for the recipe. 

That’s it for this week.  Very awesome plate, very awesome company!  Next week we will have another challenge finding some local cuisine from the Solomon Islands, hopefully we will prevail as we did this week….



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