🇱🇦Laos🇱🇦Bouk Ok Pansa (Buddhist Fast Ends)


Short and sweet this week. Going to keep it simple. Enjoy! 

..The Plate..

..Tofu Larb.. 

I made this one. It was super good! Got the recipe from Vanilla and Spice. Served with an optional lettuce cup. I would file this under make again for sure! 

..Basil Chicken..

I also made a basil chicken. I used chickpeas instead of chicken, and a can of mock chicken I impulse bought at the Asian market. I added both to a food processor and pulsed a few times. My inspiration recipe came from Rasa Malaysia

..Papaya Salad..

Many thanks to Danielle for making the papaya salad. A must have on a Laotian Plate. She also held it down with the sticky rice. What would I do without Danielle? 

..Lao Tomato Salsa – Jeaw Mak Len..

Funny story with this one. My friend Rachel comes to our dinner once every few months or so. She’s not vegan, and doesn’t do much cooking. This week she said if I would send her an easy recipe she would like to contribute.  I sent her a recipe for this salsa. It calls for fish sauce, but I told her not to worry about that, because I have fish sauce here and she can add mine on arrival. So she starts cooking it a few days beforehand, and sends me a photo of her roasted vegetables, and in the background I notice a bottle of fish sauce… REAL fish sauce. I immediately call her… DON’T ADD THE FISH SAUCE!!!  Apparently she saw the fish sauce at the grocery for less than 2 bucks, so thought that was a small enough price to pay to have some fish sauce in her pantry, not realizing it wasn’t the cost I was trying to avoid, it was the actual fish sauce. Luckily I caught her in time, and was able to put my mock fish sauce in the salsa. Close call!! Next time I’ll be more specific… VEGAN fish sauce, VEGAN sour cream etc. Inspiration recipe here at Tasty Kitchen.

..Laotian Coconut Noodle Soup – Khao Poon..

Yummy soup with mushrooms and noodles in a coconut sauce. Made by Jenny, inspired by International Cuisine

..Kuay Namuan – Bananas Cooked In Coconut Milk..

Simple and crazy good. This simple concoction of coconut milk, bananas, and sugar was served hot, and was amazing. Julie made this one for us. The next day I made some Over Night Oats with the leftover sugar-milk and bananas for an extra sweet breakfast treat! 

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