Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia

Okay, I sware there was a holiday in Cambodia on April 26th, but I can’t find any reference of it anywhere! So, not sure which holiday we were celebrating, but we got some good food out of the deal. 

..the plate..

So much amazing going on this week!!!  Cucumber salad, Cabbage Noodles, Poat Dot (grilled corn), Samlor Kor Ko (vegetable curry), Eggplant Relish, Tofu Salad. 

..Cabbage Noodles..

I found a recipe for Cambodian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls that looked interesting, but I hate boiling cabbage, so I decided to tweak it. The original recipe calls to boil a head of cabbage and stuff the leaves with chicken, cellophane noodles, peanuts, carrots, chili, mint and basil. Instead of all that I sauteed some slaw mix with a few handfuls of matchstick carrots, and a couple cans of pulsed chickpeas. I used gluten free corn noodles, and red jalapenos, bc it’s what I had on hand. I made the sauce from vegan fish seasoning sauce instead of nuoc nam. Came out great! I’ll make a little recipe you can find it HERE

..Tofu Salad..

YUM!! This salad was fantastic. I found it on Genius Kitchen, along with like nearly ever recipe on the internet, they must have took something over. Apparently it was a Martha Stewart recipe. I made a few alterations, but not enough to call it my own. This salad has lightly blanched green beans, carrots, bell pepper, mint and scallions tossed in a sauce made from boiling ginger and garlic in lime juice and fish sauce. So good! 

..Poat Dot..

aka the best grilled corn ever!!  Danielle grilled this corn in a cast iron skillet with a little vegetable oil, then tossed in a sauce. I love roasted/grilled corn!!!! 

..Samlor Kor Ko..

A delightful coconut curry chock full of vegetables. Martita doesn’t usually cook, but she did an amazing job with this one. Served over jasmine rice that she infused with lime juice. 

..Eggplant Relish..

Roasted eggplant combined with thai chilis, scallion, garlic. This stuff was spicy, and full of flavor. Everyone raved about it. Thanks Holly! 

..Cucumber Salad.. 

Holly also made this cucumber salad. Another one she was over critical of herself for, bc we all thought it was great, and she was trying to throw it in the trash. haha. 

That’s it for our Holiday in Cambodia!! 

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