🇨🇿Czech Republic🇨🇿 St. Wenceslas Day

Czech Republic

Sept 28th is St Wenceslas Day in the Czech Republic. Czech people eat a lot of animal products, so we had to do a good bit of atlerations today. Lots of contributions, lots of amazing food. Great verity! Here we go…

On the table we have Chebicky (opened faced sandwiches), Bohemian Red Cabbage, Czech Goulash, Sauerkraut Soup, Potato Goulash, Raspberry Bublanina, and Bramboroby Salat (potato salad). 


The moment I saw these little open faced sandwiches I knew I had to make them. How adorable are they! Plus I get an excuse to work on the hard boiled eggs again. French bread coated in a spread called Vlašský salát. The one I made was pretty much a mayo based potato salad with pickles, peas, carrots, mustard and ham. I used Yves Breakfast Bacon for this, which reminds me of a pork roll. Topping the spread is a slice of Yves ham, Daiya Swiss, a hard boiled “egg”, pickles, red bell pepper, and VioLife parmesan shredded. The egg I made from tofu, agar, milk, turmeric, black salt, amongst other things. I got the recipe from The Gentle Chef, who is pretty much magic. I want all of his cookbooks!!! 

Okay, so I am way behind on the blog, so I am going to make the rest short and sweet….

..Bohemian Red Cabbage..

..Bramborvy Salat.. 


.. Sauerkraut Soup.. 

..Raspberry Bublanina.. 

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