🇦🇹Austria🇦🇹 National Day

Austria - National Day

Things are a bit crazy at my house. We are doing a bathroom remodel and Brian has been a bit under the weather. So another short winded blog post ahead.

..the plate..

Lots of yummy things tonight….

..ham bake..

This was my backup dish just in case my bread dumplings failed (which they did). The recipe I got from My Blueberry Basket looked so yummy I thought it would be a fun veganization. Plus I had almost everything in the fridge already! I used Yves vegan bacon (Canadian pork roll style), and Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg, as well as Diaya Cheddar, Better than Sour Cream and Better than Cream Cheese. Loads of subs! Not something I’d ever make for a regular night at home, but fun for a potluck. 

..bread and sauerkraut stuffed mushrooms..

These won the night. Wish she made 100 more of these things! Jenny got this recipe from Eden Foods and my goodness they were delightful. Highly recommend trying this recipe out. Not sure if she made any adjustments, but I’d venture to guess she didn’t run out and buy 6 Eden products! 

..potato and chickpea goulash..

Angela keeping it European with this potato and chickpea goulash. Warm and yummy for this cool Florida evening. 

..warm potato salad..

Danielle hooked it up with another traditional Austrian dish of warm potato salad. Vinegar based and awesome. The potatoes were firm, and the onions gave it a nice bite and crunch. 


I requested a cherry cake, but Julie couldn’t obtain cherries, so we ended up with these Walnut crescent cookies. Holy Smokes!!!! I ate at least 7. These cookies are AMAZING!!!!  I loved the texture. They were really firm, but crumbled in your mouth. And that powdered sugar. My goodness. I’ve got a serious sweet tooth. I feel like Tyrone Biggums when I get on that sugar….


I didn’t save the best for last this week. I made bread dumplings (Semmelknödel) which was a total fail. I’ve yet to find an egg replacement that has worked for things that take a boil. Like matzo balls and these bread dumplings. It was a mush. I served it with a cashew based mushroom gravy which saved it, because mostly anything can taste good slathered in gravy. 



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